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Yes, I'm certain that if anyone knows the new bottle refund service called “ QUICKDROP ” service at the Moneyback Bottle depot. Moneyback is the only depot in Calgary to lead a pilot project in this futuristic service. Actually. It's quick, simple, and mess-free. There are no line-up to wait for your money, or wait for staff to sort your bottles.

A quick run down for those who don't know how Quickrop service works:

  1. You bag all your bottles in garbage bags. No sorting, no nothing. Just toss 'em all in the bag.
  2. You approach the quickdrop computer station located in the depot and scan your personal account keyfob. You will be asked about number of bags you have to submit.
  3. Computer will print declared number of labels for your bags.
  4. Put a label with the bar code attached to your Qucikdrop account on the bag.
  5. Toss the bag down the convenient Quickdrop shoot in the depot.
  6. Your Quickdrop account will be credited with refund monies within 48 hrs of bag drop off. Whenever you are happen to be in the depot next, or in the vicinity of the depot. Drop in and scan your keyfob at the cashier and obtain your refund cash. No more waiting in line-up to receive your refunds.
  • 1. Add your contact details
  • 2. Select the type of bottle
  • 3. Select the category
  • 4. Add the quantity
  • 5. The price you are eligible for will be        shown
  • 6. Print the coupon
  • 7. Cut the coupon, put it on the bag
  • 8. Take it to the store
  • 9. Get your refund
& ENJOY !!!

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