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MBCS has a commercial pick-up service for large loads from:

  1. Office Buildings
  2. Hospitals and Elder Care Facilities
  3. Cafeterias, Restaurants, Bars and Hotels
  4. Manufacturing Facilities
  5. Universities/Colleges/Schools

As with all pick-up services, we have to be able to cover our costs of pick-up, transportation and extra handling. MBCS charges a fee ranging from 10% to 40% of the refund value for your containers. Your specific rate is fair and predictable, and will be based on:

  1. the amount of pre-sorting you do,
  2. the volume of containers you have,
  3. access at your location for parking and loading,
  4. the ratio of glass to other lighter materials, and
  5. whether or not you provide staff or volunteers to help load our truck.

Bulk Pick-up Request Form

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